It has now been over 1 week removed since that black day in Vancouver history. It's been hard to swallow. Even watching a part of the NHL awards last night was hard to watch even though we did come home with some hardware. First off for those who don't know, US VANCOUVERITES have taken our city back from the idiots who attempted to destroy it. The city was out within hours of the riots ending cleaning everything up.

As unfortunate as the riots were, it took away from the sad emotions we felt over that loss. Heading into tomorrow's draft it will be interesting to see what moves the Canucks make. This will be 3 long summers of would have, could have, should have. Fortunately, as not like the past Cup runs the Canucks still have their core players and will be favourites once again. It will now come down to LeBrongo(just kidding i'm a huge supporter) or Schnieder. Will it be Bieksa who returns (I freaking hope so) or Erhoff or both. What about a covenant top 6 forward to join Kesler. So many questions so much time to answer them.

Then today the Canucks and our fans find out that we start our season on a Saturday at home vs none other then Sid the Kid and the Pens. What a way to start. Good test to start the season. Instead of a summer of party woohoo it's what if schnieder started game 6 to if the dman would have tipped that puck away on the first goal in game 7. The loss still hurts in so many ways it's hard to explain.

As they say time heals all wounds but I think this is way too much time.

This weekend I will be blogging more in depth about the riots. The causes, the reactions and the blame game. Watching first hand and following it indepthly I have been able to piece reasons together from watching various sources. Until then, Enjoy the Draft and Tradecentral June edition.


A Broken Hearted Vancouverite