Aaron Rome was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a result Mike Murhphy ruined his Stanley Cup finals experience. This is the same Mike Murphy who has made inconsistent decision after decision in which times he would go back and change what he said. Is this Mike Murphy's way of apologizing to Boston Fans for not suspending Cooke on his Savard hit. Or the following non-suspensions against Bruins players this year alone. Below I have added non-suspensions against Bruins players that others have been suspended for:

-Chara's "Interference" hit on Pacioretty. Pacioretty was in worse condition then Horton yet Chara escaped Suspension.

-Lucic drills Spacek from behind in round 1 of the of these playoffs, way worse hit then Rome's with more intent to injur and yet he walks.

-Ference fingers the crowd and yet it is tolerated.

-Horton not only squirts the crowd with water but throws the bottle. NOTHING!!! Yet poor John Tortorella squirts a heckler not even viciously like Horton and gets 1 game suspension.

To last nights game.

-Ference takes burrows out with a vicious knee. GUESS WHAT a simple 2 minute penalty and yet Burrows was no where near the puck.

-Later in the game Chara goes flying at Kesler with an elbow to the head yet because Kesler didn't even flinch too much nothing.

-Then there is "Dirty Lucic" and his dirty ways last night. First he 2 hands viciously Edler TWICE in front of the net and nothing. He then skates to the other end Vicously 2 hands Burrows before SUCKER PUNCHING Burrows in the back of the head. Nothing.

Although there is inconsistency around the league, this goes to back up Joe Thornton's theory that Boston is a league favourite and gets the benefit. Yes I am a Die Hard Canucks fan but these were all facts based on other teams. If Horton gets suspended as he should have, It could be Tampa in the finals instead.

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