This is not Europe in the mid 1800s, and I am far from Charles Dickens, but the 5 games already in the books have shown what a difference 3000 miles can make.  After 2 close, hard fought games in Vancouver, both teams jumped coasts for Boston.  Well, Boston made the trip.  The jury is still out on if Vancouver sent stunt doubles as they were embarrassed in Beantown.  Yet, they make the trip back home and play another solid, well rounded game to take a 3-2 series lead.  The question I have is, Why were the Canucks THAT bad in Boston?  I was under the assumption that the games are played at TD Garden, where the dimensions are equal Rogers Arena.  The home ice is so prevalent, you'd think the Bruins were in the old tiny Boston Garden.  The Bruins netted 12 goals in 2 home games, on the road, 3 games, 2 goals, shut out twice.  The team to score first has won all 5 games.  Tim Thomas has done everything but score goals.  Roberto Luongo didn't let the red light sun burn bother him back at home, silence the critics questions of his psyche.  So, What happens next?  A betting man would have to assume that the Bruins will win Game 6 and force Game 7, which will let all of us hockey fanatics live another day with a smile.  Can Robby bring his A game to Boston??  He can, but everyone pointing fingers at Luongo for his play in Boston might wanna look at the team in front of him.  The Sedins were missing (they really haven't been noticed at home either).  The defense, tired and beat up.  A dormant power play and all around lack luster play.  The Bruins put up a fight in all 3 games at Rogers Arena.  Game 6, Monday Night, TD Garden... Champions crowned ??  or do we get a Game 7 ?? 

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