Trade Rumors already? Yes it's time. With no real offseason teams will use the first few games to assess their teams and will try to be active in making moves with a shortened season and very little time to turn things around. There are a few rumors swirling around the web at the moment concerning big name players. Here are the names, what I'm hearing, and what I think will happen.

Corey Perry-

The Ducks are off to a fast start thanks to the play of players like Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf. Unfortunately for the Ducks and their fans, both Perry and Getzlaf are only a few months away from hitting the open market and will demand huge contracts. The Ducks have talked to Perry's camp, but the sense is that Perry wants to see what he can get on the market. This has made the Ducks nervous and are debating trading Perry to get what they can so that Perry just doesn't walk. With the sense that Perry does want to hit the market, the Ducks may lower their asking price just get something in return. Several teams have called, but the team that has the most interest is, you guessed it, the Flyers. As always GM Paul Holmgren is in on the big names, but this time is a little different. Normally Holmgren is patient to get the right deal, but with the Flyers troubling start he may be forced to pull the trigger early to stop the bleeding before the Flyers season slips away. Tonights game against the Rangers will be a huge sign for the Flyers. If they lose due to a lack of goals expect Holmgren to step up his persuit of Perry or another winger, if they lose because of defense, expect Holmgren to try to acquire a defenseman like PK Subban.

PK Subban-

Its been well documented that the Candiens and their star blue liner are far away from reaching an agreement. Habs GM Bergevin wants to give Subban a 2 year deal, but Subban is asking for a 6 year deal. With no end in sight, teams are calling find out Subban's price. The price is high, as expected, but that hasn't stopped teams from calling. Subban is a RFA so if teams feel the asking price is too high, teams can also give Subban an offer sheet. The list of teams that want PK is almost every team (who wouldn't want a top notch defender), but there are only a handful of teams calling to ask about his availability. The two teams are the Leafs and the Flyers. Subban has been practicing at the Leafs practice rink, but hasn't participated in drills. Leafs could use more solid defense men with a weak goal tender, but the price may be too high right now. The Flyers need help on the blue line and have definitely called and have tossed the idea of an offer sheet around. If the Flyers give up a lot of goals to the Rangers tonight, Holmgren could amp up his efforts to acquire Subban. The Habs are asking for a lot from the Flyers, desiring Schenn or Couturier as the center piece of the deal with other players involved as well.

Roberto Luongo-

These rumors will never end. With the season under way and with Luongo still in Vancouver, the rumors are flying. Gillis is still waiting for the right offer, but Luongo's trade market is heating up. The Leafs and still seem the most logical team to land Luongo, but a dark horse has emerged for his services. The Edmonton Oilers have called the Canucks about Luongo. The Canucks are asking for a one of the Oilers young forwards, but a nothing is imminent. I don't think the Canucks would trade Luongo inside the division with the option to send him to the Eastern conference. If the Oilers are going to acquire Luongo they're going to have to blow the Canucks front office out of their socks.

That is it for now. If i had to bet on these trades, I would say that Luongo and Perry will be traded (I don't know when, nut I do believe they'll be traded) and I don't think Subban will be traded and if a team signs Subban to an offer sheet that the Canadiens will be forced to match it. Again with the season so young, things are a bit of a mystery at the moment, but as the season progresses rumors will begin to really heat up.

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