I'm sure the hockey world knew Michael Cammalleri's days were numbered in Montreal after his rant about the team being "losers." But did anyone ever think it would amount to 2 periods. The Montreal Canadians seem to be on a downward spiral in recent months. From the firing of Jacques Martin, then hiring an English only speaking coach in Randy Cunneyworth. The people of Montreal showed there displeasure in this hiring, by staging a protest outside the Bell Center before a Habs game. (Randy) Cunneyworth was never given a chance. One has to ask, was this a protest for the good of hockey in Montreal, or was it for the saving of their culture in Montreal?. Maybe the media and fans alike wanted Patrick Roy behind the bench, since he was available. Was GM Pierre Gauthier being pressured by the owners and upper management to fix the problem with the Habs? Not knowing that maybe the problem wasn't the coach at all. But a virus in the dressing room. Only time will tell. Reports began to surface about ice time or lack thereof from Cammalleri. Sorry, but ice time reflex your production on the ice. In 38 games stats are as follows: Goals (9) Assists (13) Points (22) +/- (-6), in his last 5 games he had (1) goal. Numbers like don't warrant more ice time, quite the contrary. The selfishness of Cammalleri reared its ugly head the other night with his comments, not towards himself, but towards the Canadians organization, coaching staff and his teammates. GM Pierre Gauthier stated "this trade has been in the works for a month." Should we read between the lines, and presume that Cammalleri has been a negative distraction in the Habs dressing room? What transpired last night in Boston was shocking to say the least. Not for the fact that Cammalleri was traded, but in the way that he was traded. After playing less then 10 minutes in the 1st two periods, Cammalleri was notified to get changed, go back to the team hotel and wait for further instruction. I'm not sure if that has ever happened before in the modern day NHL. After the initial shock wore off, some things made sense leading up to Mike Cammalleri's departure. The biggest thing that stands out is Randy Cunneyworth never had a closed door meeting about the outburst. Why? Did the organization have a better way to deal with it? Sure the players had there closed door meeting with the winger. This is just one guys opinion. Sure the trade had been talked about for a month, but when Mike Cammalleri took it upon himself to express his opinion on what direction the Montreal Canadians are heading, he also punched his ticket outta town. Even if it was during a hockey game. Was this needed to right the Habs ship? Stay tuned!