James Remier has become a star in the city of Toronto.  Since his call up in January 2011, all Leaf fans have been talking about James Reimer.  Since his call up I have never had a conversation about the Leafs which did not involves the words “James Reimer” or “Optimus Reim”.  He has taken over the spotlight in this pressure market, and the fans have pinned their playoff hopes on James Reimer. 

When James Reimer was called up in January 2011, no one expected it to be a full time gig.  There was a belief J.S. Giguere would take be playing most of the time and if not him the Jonas Gustavsson.  However, a string of injuries to both Giguere and Gustavsson opened up the door for Reimer.  When he was given the opportunity, he did not disappoint.  Winning 20 out of 35 games while positing a GAA of 2.60 and a SV % of .921, he earned himself a new contract, a starting job with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a huge load of pressure from fans, media, and management.   

While James Reimer is only 23 and he is bound to make mistakes, he could be that guy that takes the Maple Leafs to the playoffs for the first time in 7 years.  There are a couple reasons why I believe he could be the guy to do it.  First, if you track he numbers from WHL to ECHL to AHL and now to the NHL he has always shown improvements and so far in the two games he played he has improved.  While they have not been huge tests, he looked very good against the Montreal Canadiens in the home and season opener and look decent against the Ottawa Senators.  Now, it is unfair to judge and jump on Reimer because he allowed 5 goals against Ottawa on Saturday night, all coming in 3rd, it is important to remember what he is capable of and that is getting the Maple Leafs the much needed two points. He will have the occasional night where he lets in 5 goals but just remember, it’s the two point that matters.

The second reason why I believe he can lead this team to the playoffs in April, is because he is such a humble and grounded human being.  As far as I know, he looks like a man who doesn’t get upset, is always supportive and encouraging not only towards himself, personally, but also his teammates.  He is always someone that is smiling whether his team is winning by 5 goals or is losing by 5 goals.  He is always positive and that is why I think he can lead this team to the playoffs.  You need a goalie who is constantly positive about his game and about his teammates, in order to keep the outside pressure away as to not let it affect your game. 

While all this is a speculative reasoning as to why Optimus Reim can lead the Toronto Maple Leafs to the playoffs once again after 7 years, it is definitely encouraging and promising for all Maple Leafs fans.  Let’s just hope and pray to hockey gods that this is the year the Toronto Maple Leafs can finally make the playoffs. 

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