For Leafs fans everywhere, today was a wake up call. As we all should know, Leafs General Manager Brian Burke has been relieved of his job and fired. Early in the day on January 9th, Bell and Rogers who are the owners of one of the most charished original six teams made the announcement that the choice has been made to fire Gerneral Manager Brian Burke. In Burkes place, David Nonis will be hired and announced as the new General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Nonis, who has been senior vice president for a few years now was very surprised with the decision but is ready to help the Leafs improve and become a playoff team. It won't come to surprise that Nonis was chosen to become Burke's replacement as he was chosen to be Burke's replacement when he was relieved of his job in Vancouver. The Leafs owners were not very interested in announcing why Burke was really fired but I can put up a list on why he was....

  • In his four years as Leafs GM, Brian Burke did not make the playoffs once while managing in T.O.
  • Burke was contraversial while talking to the media
  • Was not making the right moves/choices to help the team excel

There were speculations that if Burke did not take his team to the playoffs last season, the owners were going to fire him, and as you know, that is exactly what happend. It may not be the reason, but may be a serious topic on why he was stripped from his job.

Now is a topic that most Leafs fans are getting very tense about. The possibility of elite, starting goaltender Roberto Luongo. Luongo, who was traded to the Vancouver Canucks during the 2006 offseason after failing to sign with the Panthers, time in Vancouver has come to an end. During last season, Luongo went into a bit of a slump forcing young backup goaltender Cory Schneider to start in the playoffs after game 2 in the first round when Luongo started to break apart. By the NHL draft on June 21st, Luongo was placed on the trading block. Since then Burke and the Leafs have been interested in acquiring the 33 year old veteran goaltender. Talks broke down between Burke and Mike Gillis who is the Canucks GM when the lockout was announced. Now with the lockout over, talks started to heat up again as Luongo did waive his no trade clause to come to Toronto and had said there's a great possibility that he will be willing to play in the Leafs uniform. Now with Burke gone and Nonis in, we do not know what the Luongo front for the Leafs is at during this exact moment. Leaf fans are hoping to have Luongo come to T.O. as their team has had starting goalie issues since the Eagle, "Eddie Belfour" left the Leafs.

Hopefully for the Leafs there will be many trades to come in very little time escpecially as we all know, the Leafs need that starting goaltender and much needed number one center to start between Joffrey Lupul and Phil Kessel. For now it is all up to David Nonis to help shape this Leaf roster.


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