As the trading deadline came and went Ranger fans found out they would lose one of the most premier scorers in the league Marion Gaborik. However the players who the rangers acquired in the Gaborik trade put a put on clinic to show their new fans what their made of.
    On Tuesday the Rangers Acquired Ryan Clowe and than at 3pm Wednesday they got three more John Moore, Derrick Brassard , and Derrick Dorseet. Two hours and thirty minutes later these players would find out they would suit up and play in one fieriest rivalry in hockey Rangers Vs. Penguin.  During the first period the Rangers came out on fire and found themselves finally contributing on all ends. On their first power play the rangers struck goal when Derrick Brassard passed it to Richards who took the shoot and  as result it took a deflection off  Boyle and end up in the back of the net. Then after that the Rangers kept on attacking with forecheck and shots on net. Two minutes later Clowe Acclimated himself and officially became a Ranger when he assisted McDonagh and the Rangers took a 2-0 lead. By the end of period the Rangers had connected on all cylinders when they again found the net for a 3rd time as Clowe got his long awaited first goal of the season and first as a Ranger.
    At the end of the Penguins 15 game wining streak they found themselves with a three game shutout and many injuries and when it came to being down 3-0 in the second they found themselves being lost  in headlights.  In the opening minute of second the rangers found themselves  on the Power play. While on the power play Derrick Brassard officially became a Ranger when he scored off an assist from Boyle and Girardi. Then about minute later the Penguins found the light when Dupis found net. From then on the Rangers pushed it to another gear with fore-checking and shots and soon found the Penguins making mistakes. With about 8:00 minutes left the new Ranger Clowe  made himself open again and did something he had not  done all season score two in a game as the power play connected again for Ryan Clowe goal.
    With Ryan Clowe and Derrick Brassard robing the spotlight John Moore was wondering how he could make impact. That impact soon came in the third when he fired a slaps hot into the back of the net to help the rangers go up 6-1. By nights end it seemed as if Sather was genius and the Rangers finally seemed connected. Going into the final push of the season the Ranger need to show this was not a fluke  and keep moving forward because come  Friday there going to face the Penguins again and boy will they be looking for revenge.