Not too often do I ever get the chance to watch a Leafs game on Saturday nights because of my work schedule but for once I got to watch one and rarely get to see the segments on CBC and coach's corner with Don Cherry which I get to rarely watch I sometimes if I get the time to watch it the following day if I remember. 

Brian Burke was critial of Don Cherry in his critism of recently fired head coach Ron Wilson and how he treats his players and went to the CBC which Cherry fired back. So with the Leafs firing Ron Wilson we all sit and watch to see what Cherry would have to say about the firing of Wilson and the Leafs hiring of Randy Carlyle


It turned into a different rant from Cherry alltogether about the Leafs lack of players from Ontario in fact this is what he said

"I heard your interview with Burke, We got a tough time here. Every team has five guys come in from Ontario.' Now I'd just like to tell ya … there's more people that come from Ontario hockey, players come from Ontario than any other place in the world. Anyone wanna argue with me? I'll tell ya. Let me just give ya … I wrote it down, had to write it down … Vancouver has four. Pittsburgh has six. St. Louis. Beautiful team. Surprise team. Nine! Last year, Boston had seven from Ontario, this year they have nine. Chicago won it in 2010 and they had seven."Every team in the National Hockey League has a guy from Ontario except one. GUESS WHO IT IS?! IT'S ONTARIO'S TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS. Now, if you want American college guys. If you want Americans, you got the team. It's the only organization in the world, in Canada, that cheers when Canada loses. It's an absolute shame. There's 40,000 kids in the GTHL. … This guy has none!"

Funny he didn't mention Detroit when they won the Cup in 2008 having 9 players from Sweden just throwing that out there but does it matter where a player is from.

For the record there are 2,087 players in NHL history that are from Ontario and in last season in 2010-11 there were 206 players from Ontario which is 39.5% of all the canadians that play in the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs on their roster while they don't have any players from Ontario do have 11 canadians on their roster 10 of them from out West the other from Quebec.

And while the Leafs don't have any from Ontario they do have 13 players in their system from Ontario which is more than any other team in the NHL which also includes 1st round picks Stuart Percy, and Nazem Kadri who by the way in that 2009 draft they tried to trade up to get John Tavares who is from Ontario too.

So it doesn't matter where all your canadians on your roster are from as long as most of them are from Ontario oh please when Burke was GM of Anaheim when they won the Stanley Cup in 2007 most of the players were from Canada he doesn't care where they are from Canadian, American, or European

And if your a Leaf fan or whatever team you cheer for does it really matter where they are from? Do you really care if your best player is from Canada, USA, Sweden, Russia or wherever? I highly doubt it.

Give me a team that wins and I could care less what the birthplace is on his birth certificate

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