I'm not sure how much attention these two teams are getting as of right now, but I have decided to commit some time to discuss the Florida Panthers and Phoenix Coyotes.

The Panthers and Coyotes are twin teams in more than just the sense that they are in full year hot climates where being in the presence of ice may be an undesirable thought to many who reside in those regions. Team wise, both are in the same boat.

The Florida panthers are pretty much the Eastern conferences' version of the Phoenix Coyotes right now. In essence, a very mediocre offensive team with solid defense, and a goalie who has been good enough to be a starter and is looking to redeem and solidify his chances of remaining a starter, and in addition to that, fill in the shoes of a previous superstar goaltender. So far, Jose Theodore has done just that, as he started off the season with a shut out against the Islanders.
Florida knows that playing a systematic team defense is the only way that they will be able to compete this year, and it seems like they have already accepted that fact. Likewise, Phoenix is trying the same experiment with Mike Smith, and it worked well for them against the Dallas Stars, as they were able to hold the Stars to just one late goal and force a shootout.

Maybe I am crazy, but the striking similarities in both of these teams an franchise locations is eerie enough for me to ponder upon it. Perhaps the two individuals who can analyze the similarities and differences between these two current teams, are Ed Jovanoski and Scottie Upshall.

How will both teams do this season without the one thing that they heavily relied on for years (their top three NHL goaltender)? I guess only time will tell.