With a week off from eliminating the Penguins the Flyers were back and after a week off they looked like a team that was off for a week a give away behind the net allowing Patrik Elias to put it in front of Zack Parise that gave the Devils a 1-0 lead. The Flyers bad play continued as it took half the 1st period to get a shot on goal and Bryzgalov and the Flyers erratic play they were fortunate to be only down 1-0 after the 1st period.

Now while the Flyers came back got the lead and would end up winning in OT on Daniel Briere's goal which the 2nd one counted as his 1st goal did not and the Flyers did look better and look the more dominant team after a while. I'm sure it also helped that the Devils were playing their 3rd straight OT game and had only 2 days off compared to the full week the Flyers did what is a playoffs without questions about the Flyers goaltending.

Ilya Bryzgalov who has had 1 good game in this playoffs so far wasn't ready for the 1st goal and the 2nd and 3rd goals all were horrible and went right through him. Those are shots he has to stop sure the Flyers have enough skill and offense and can outscore an opponent like the Devils but if performances like this for Bryzgalov continue there is no way they can beat a team like the Rangers or whoever comes out of the West between St. Louis, LA, Phoenix and Nashville because of the great goaltending out there(and that's despite the struggles of Pekka Rinne at the moment against the Phoenix Coyotes)

Hey don't get me wrong the Flyers have a lot of great talent and Giroux is one of the best players in the NHL and should have been nominated for the Hart(more on that at another time) and Briere who has been really great and clutch in these playoffs and the Flyers got James Van Reimsdyk back who is sure to help but this team isn't winning the Stanley Cup nor is it getting out of the Eastern conference if Bryzgalov continues to allow goals like today and though the playoffs this moment.

What is a playoffs without having questions about the Flyers goaltending and to think Bryzgalov was supposed to be the solution.

Go figure

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