When Tom Renney was asked if "Taylor Hall would be wearing a helmet in warm-ups from now on". "He'll be wearing one walking down the street". Renney said.

   Taylor Hall stepped on a puck during pre-game warm-ups last night (before a tilt with the lowly Columbus Bluejackets) taking out another player into the corner, while laying there another teammate with no time to stop attempted to jump the two crumpled bodies, unfortunately he didn't make it, stepping on the young forwards forehead and opening him up for 30 stitches. Obviously this could have been way worse, tragic actually. Nothing but a freak accident, unfortunately it's the latest installment in what seems to be bad 'juju' in the Oilers dressing room. Losing Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (separated shoulder) in what seemed to be an innocent run in with the boards, Jordan Eberle (knee) skate gets a bit tangled up with another player and gets wish-boned, now this with Hall. When a flu virus attacks a hockey club it's controllable by medicine and sending players home. Hockey players are probably the most superstitious athletes in sports, from game day meals and preparation to their favorite tie. Sure RNH and (Jordan) Eberle's injuries can be classified as unfortunate with a hint of bad luck, but this last one is down right scary. I hope for the Oilers sake the string of bad luck ends at 3. If not, they might have to call in an exorcism.

    Ultimately the debate will be: should players wear helmets during warm-ups? some NHL clubs do. 


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