Let the debate begin.  Should Alex Burrows have been suspended for game 2 for his biting incident in game 1?  The NHL decided no.  So, Burrows decided to bite again.  This one hurt more as it took just 11 seconds of overtime to beat the Bruins 3-2.  Burrows first bite of the night opened the scoring in the 1st after finding the puck on his stick off a few weird bounces.  Awkward goal.  The Bruins would get the better of the play in the 2nd.  Lucic would get a goal started by his own hard work behind the net and continued by Krejci.  Less than 3 minutes later on the power play, The Bruins would go ahead on a deflection by Mark Recchi off a point shot from Chara.  Someone I know wrote that the Bruins should drop Chara to the point on the power play (pat myself on the back), and after failing in the 1st period, did just that.  The 3rd period would be different as the Canucks seemed to carry the play.  With 10:23 left, Daniel Sedin would tie it on a stellar pass from, guess who, Burrows after gathering a rebound.  As many settled in for what couldve been possibly hours of overtime, it would only take 11 seconds for Burrows to strike.  A fake shot pulled Thomas out of the net, around Chara and the net to put the puck into a vacant goal. Once again for the Bruins, just a lapse of a couple seconds and the game is over.  On to Boston with the Canucks up 2-0. How many "Should Burrows Have Played" articles will be written in the next 24 hours?