During the trade deadline we all sat and waited to see if Rick Nash would be traded teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, San Jose Sharks, New York Rangers were in on Nash but neither would give in to GM Scott Howson's demands and back in middle of January when it was brought up that Columbus would be listening to offers for Rick Nash for the 1st time it was a question of why.

Well Howson went and revealed that reason yesterday speaking to the media saying this

"With respect to Rick Nash, he approached us and asked us to consider trading him. We agreed to accommodate his request as long as we could get a deal that would provide us with cornerstone pieces to help us to compete for a Stanley Cup championship in the coming years. It did not happen by 3 o'clock today. This is too important to our franchise and our fans to do a deal that is not in our best interests."

And despite those trade demands his price was still high in fact might have been way too high not that I blame him at all for it but now that you revealed that and Rick Nash's agent Joe Resnick went to TSN and Sportsnet last week announcing that his list of teams isn't changing or going to be any longer.

Today Rick Nash spoke to the media in regards to Howson revealing the trade request yesterday was more adamant today about the trade request but revealing that he still wanted to help the organization that drafted him 1st overall in 2002 and has been with the team ever since saying this.

"I was informed by management that there was a rebuild, a reshape, in the team and I personally felt I could be a huge part of that towards bringing assets in, In my view, that was the best thing for the team, the organization, and personally for my career."

So when you are Scott Howson and you couldn't get a deal with any of the teams on his list and have a really high asking price and his agent says that list of teams isn't changing is revealing the trade request going to help at all. If you're those teams that Rick Nash wants to go to and you now know this what is going to change at the draft or in the off-season that is going to change the offers.

The Leafs aren't willing to part with Jake Gardiner, the Sharks aren't willing to include Logan Couture, and the Rangers have said no to Michael Del Zotto so what later on is going to change that.

I really don't think that will in fact it might just made it worse and this might end up getting uglier the longer this continues odds are though with the mess Columbus is and the disaster this season was for the Blue Jackets. Scott Howson might not last long enough to be the one to pull the trigger on the trade. That might be what those teams are thinking.

Either that or this is going to be ugly the longer this continues

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