This week was exciting for NHL fans all around the country. The day finally came Saturday...the JETS were back. Historically the Jets have had a problem with season openers and this did not change yesterday.

This week's games:

Jets v.s. Senators: 4-1 Senators.

The Jets played very good in the first 10 minutes, maybe even first period. After the 1st period the score was 1-1. After that everything collapsed. The crowd quieted down, the players just go tired and this is what you will get with an opening game. Hopefully down the stretch the players will get back into shape and we will play to the top of our potential.

Upcoming games:

Monday, January 21- v.s. Boston Bruins

Tuesday, January 22- v.s. Washington Capitals

Friday, January 25- v.s. Pittsburgh Penguins

Sunday, January 27- v.s. New York Islanders

This next week will tell a lot. If the Jets can get two of these 4 games I think they will be on track. These game are tough (other than NY) so I think if they get an upset out of Boston, Washington, and Pittsburgh we will be in good shape.

Until then, Go Jets!



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