With a 2-1 OT loss last night to Los Angeles the Vancouver Canucks were eliminated from the NHL Playoffs and after game 2 Roberto Luongo was replaced by Cory Schneider not that Luongo was playing bad but looking for a spark putting in Schneider he did play better though the offense weren't able to produce enough in this series. Hey Quick is a good goalie.

With this year and Cory Schneider getting more starts in more pressure situations like games against the Blackhawks and the win against the Bruins this year and with Schneider becoming an RFA this year and is sure for a raise on his $900,000 salary he made. The Canucks have just over $9 million in Cap space(provided Cap stays the same or doesn't go up) they will not be able to afford both Schneider and Luongo next year so who to keep between the two.

I had a discussion on twitter over the week with a fellow blogger on here topcheddar67 where he thinks(and I'm sure there are many) that its Luongo that has to go and the Canucks keep Schneider now I get that argument I do Schneider is younger he's 26 and Luongo is 33. Schneider was among the league leaders in GAA with 1.96(3rd) and SV% with .937(2nd) while Luongo's was GAA was 2.41 and SV% was .919 respectable but obviously Schneider's was way better.

But here's the problem and here's where I disagree a bit and that is Luongo's contract while his cap number is not too bad $5.3 million it goes all the way until 2022 and has a full no trade clause so even if you do want to trade him he can control where he goes and you have to find a team willing to take on that contract and teams like Tampa Bay, Toronto, Columbus for starters are desparate for a goalie upgrade (maybe Chicago the way their playoffs are going) would they be willing to take on that contract and would he be willing to go there Tampa maybe, Toronto I don't know(Burke despises those contacts) Columbus why would he want to go there and maybe add Edmonton to that too since they have the cap space.

Schneider on the other hand won't be able to control where he goes and also you will be able to get more in return for him than you will Luongo because he's younger and will likely carry a less cap hit than Luongo. Also in this is for the needs the Canucks have and because he is younger they will also likely get more for Schneider in return than they will for Luongo and its not like Luongo was bad in the 2 playoff games or got pulled or had a bad year his GAA, and SV% sure were a little off of last year's numbers but they were right on par with his rest of his numbers during his time in Vancouver.

And if you are a team calling Vancouver for a goalie who do you think they will ask for Luongo or Schneider. That answer is obviously Schneider because of Luongo's contract and how much younger Schneider is.

The other thing that should be mentioned is because Schneider is an RFA and is arbitration eligible but he is susceptible to an offer sheet between July 1-5 though those are unlikely but knowing the Canucks are right close to the salary cap a team with a lot of cap space and loaded up with a lot of draft picks at the deadline and is desperate for a goalie(Tampa Bay) could make such a move and force Vancouver to not match it. Considering the amount of offer sheets that have happenned I doubt such a thing will happen(there have only been 6 since 2006)

I understand fans want to choose Schneider instead of Luongo(did you see the crowd support for him this year compared to Luongo) and the backlash will be huge if he gets moved but I don't think its that bad if he nets a good return for them.

Maybe its me but I just have a hard time finding a way Vancouver is able to move a 33 year old goalie with a NTC and will be 43 when the contract expires compared to Schneider especially when you can get more in return for him

If they are able to move Luongo I'll glad to admit to being wrong

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