When Brian Burke was hired to be the general manger for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2008, he said he builds his teams from the net out. In 5 years Brian Burke has had a lot of goaltenders such as Vesa Toskala,Curtis Joesph,Martin Gerber and Jonas Gustavvson. None of them have been able to show they are number one goalies in the NHL. Brian Burke thought James Reimer could be a number one goalie but because of injure and inconsistently during last season, there is a big question mark it net.


The Leafs are looking through the trade market for a number one goalie. Brian Burke has already said he will not trade James Reimer. Brian Buke has contacted flames gm Jay Feaster about Kiprusoff but very unlikely to be traded. Vancouver Canucks star goalie Roberto Luongo is on the trading block but the price tag is extremely high. Leafs managemnt have sent a number of quaity offers but Canucks GM Mike Gillis is asking for more. Is it worth overpaying for a 33 year old with inconsistenly in the playoff and has a 10 year contract left. I think not. Minnistoa Wild have been shopping there starting goalie Nicklas Backstrom and I believe that is a better fit than Luongo. Backstrom has a one year deal left with a cap hit of 6 million . Wild are asking for a deffenseman,prospect and a 2nd rounder in 2013. Cliff Fletcher son Chuck Fletcher is the GM for the Wild , there is a strong chance this deal can get done. Columbas goalie Steve Mason and LA kings back up goalie Jonathan Bernier are last possible options but leafs do not want to go with two unproven goalies such as last year.


With the new CBA being discussed no ones knows if there will be a upcoming 2013 season but if there is ,Brian Burke will need to get a number one goalie to have a chance of making the playoffs.

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