Rumor has it that the Vancouver Canucks and the New Jersey Devils are close to striking a deal which would see Zack Parise being traded to the Canucks for (G) Cory Schneider, (C) Cody Hodgson and Winger Mikael Samuelsson. Sources tell me that the deal is very close to being completed.   In Parise, the Canucks would be getting a highly skilled left winger that they have been looking for to play with Kesler.  The Devils would be receiving  two top end, yet unproven, prospects in Hodgson and Schneider. Samuelsson, more than likely, is thrown in to clear up salary cap space.

 Now for the Toronto Maple Leafs, rumor has it that the Leafs are very close to signing Pittsburgh Penguins (C) Maxim Talbot to a 3 year contract worth $5.7million. The Leafs are starved for proven NHL centres and Talbot would fit that bill;  most likely centering the 3rd line with Colby Armstrong and Mike Brown. Could this be the next Zezel, Berg and Osborne 3rd line, who at the time were one of the top 3 third lines in the NHL?


If even one, none, or both of these rumors are true, this is why July 1st is one of the most intriguing and exciting days of the off-season - even without many top- end free agents available this year.

Always remember fans - Have Fun and Enjoy the Day.

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