So the NHL has sent a new proposal that includes a 50/50 revenues with no rollback and with a full 82 game schedule starting Nov 2nd has gotten everyone all excited and optimistic here's what else it includes from John Shannon of Sportsnet on twitter

- Free Agency would be 28 with 8 years of service

- Entry Level contracts would be 4 years in length

- Revenue sharing would be at or around $200 million

- Contract lengths would be 5 years

- Arbitration would still exist

- According to Donald Fehr the proposal is "at least 6 years"

In regards to the proposal Gary Bettman says “We believe it is our best shot at preserving an 82-game regular-season and playoffs,” This offer we made is contingent upon having an 82-game regular season.

“We offered a 50-50 share of hockey-related revenues we believe we address the concern that players have about about their salaries as a result of reducing their percentage.”

“We believe this is a fair offer for a long-term deal. It’s one we hope will get a positive reaction so we can drop the puck on Nov. 2,” 

In response to the offer Donald Fehr said in response moments ago  “Our hope after we review this is that there will be a feeling on the players’ side that this will be a proposal from which we can negotiate and try and reach a conclusion,” 

As for wether its better than previous offers Fehr said “In some respects I think it is, in other respects I’m not sure. We have to look at it.”

Now while it looks like the NHL has moved off some of their issues and moved towards the other direction and everyone is getting all giddy and excited I'm being cautiously optimisitic just because I've seen this before and the NHLPA still has to look it over first read it and comment on it I'm hopeful its accepted or if not it leads towards somewhere I'm thinking more the latter at this point.

So before everyone gets all giddy and hopes the NHLPA accepts this and hopes for the season to start November 2nd just be cautious at the moment because we've seen this before so until then we wait for the NHLPA to read it thoughly but hopefully it finally leads to a CBA us hockey diehard fans have been begging and hoping for over a month now

but there's just one thing to wonder while this offer was presented and the first thought to me was this.

Where was this 1-2 months ago?