As stated in my last blog, i have an on going bet with a co-worker of mine. Every time the Red Wings play the Maple Leafs, the looser has to wear the opposing teams jersey. As any hockey fan will tell you, "I'd rather loose money". But this is nothing but a humiliation bet! I think the speed of the Leafs caught the Wings off guard, and quickly found themselves down 3-0 in the 1st period, my cell phone was going crazy. Text messages, phone calls and facebook alerts, all Leaf fans, friends and family asking how I'm enjoying the game. I had a sick feeling in my stomach knowing if the Red Wings loose I'll have to put that jersey on for all to see, well everyone at work anyway. The 2nd period was a whole different Wings team, they potted two goals to make it 3-2. They got the equalizer in the 3rd knotting it up at 3's, I took a collective breath knowing the Wings had the momentum. My phone was quiet. Then disaster! Upon winning a battle behind the net, Niklas Kronwall made the mistake of trying to feather a pass instead of hammering it around the boards. Joffrey Lupul accepted this pass and instinctively came out in front of the net, not a defender in sight, and lifted it over a sprawling Ty Conklin. Sick feeling all over again!

   Hockey is deeply rooted in our culture, it's in our DNA as Canadians. Hockey fans alliances towards Original Six teams can go back generations. Of coarse once one gets older, he or she may affiliate with another team because of the name, player or it's origin. We wear the logo on our chest as proudly as the players themselves, whether it's the winged wheel or the maple leaf. We show love and passion towards our team, but we also show disdain with the same love and passion towards another team. We may even show that love-hate relationship towards a player, hate when against you, but love if he ends up on your team. We may cheer for another team, cheer for hockey in general, but our love for a team will never change. Some may think we're crazy, have quirky superstitions, but if it helps our team we'll go back to that same chair, meal, sweater anything to appease the hockey gods to send good fortune our teams way. This craziness is fast approaching, although the season is half way done, playoff positions are being hunted for some and held onto by others. Shrines will be made, old jersey's will be unpacked, whatever worked last year will be re-done this year. If it didn't work, it will be done different. Insane? no. Crazy? maybe. Passionate? absolutely! 

    My co-worker didn't show up for work today. I didn't have to wear that Leaf jersey! He must be still celebrating. The cup run for the Detroit Red Wings is still intact. If they win it's because i didn't touch or wear anything with a Maple Leaf. If they don't win, I still won't wear one but I'll be looking for what jinxed them.

Cup Crazy!!!