Well today I listened to Sportsnet's hockey central I turn it on or listen to it on the radio or whatever and I heard both Darren Millard and Nick Kypreos mention Owen Nolan since he announced his retirement yesterday at a news conference and pretty much debate that should Nolan be in the Hall Of Fame to which both of them saying yes to it.

Now here's the thing I think he was a really good player power forward physical but does his numbers warrant being there

Here's his career numbers 422 goals, 463 assists 885 points in 1200 games and 21 goals, 19 assists and 40 points in 65 playoff games with Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Minnesota Wild. 

- He made chosen as an NHL All-Star 5 times in 1991–92, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1999–2000, 2001–02

 - He hit 30 goals or more only 4 times and only getting over 40 goals twice.

- His career high in points in a season was 84 back in 1999-2000 season with San Jose it was also the only time he got more than 70 points in a season

- Guess how many Stanley Cups he has if you guessed 0 then you're right(was with Colorado in 1996 but was traded early in the season to San Jose)

- his 885 points(.738 points per game) is 100th on the all time points list and 422 goals(.352 goals per game) is 71st all time on the all time goals list

They are ok but to me they are not really Hall worthy when you consider some of the players who aren't in at the moment who deserve consideration ahead of him and that have more points and/or goals than him Theoren Fleury, Dave Andreychuk, Dino Ciccarelli Adam Oates and then players that are either coming up this year or eventually Mats Sundin, Mike Modano, Brendan Shanahan, Rod Brind'Amour and then there the Eric Lindros debate who I think is more of a hall of famer than Nolan is and Joe Sakic is a lock to go in when the inductions go out this year.

See to me for someone to be a Hall Of Famer there has to be no doubt in my mind he should be there if you have to think about it well he doesn't belong in there and Nolan had a good career and was a really good player during his career most productive years being in San Jose as this point and goal production started to drop off in 2002-03 his final year with San Jose the year he got traded to Toronto and that didn't really work out well now did it.

Where you look where he is on the career points and goals list I don't see how he's a hall of famer good player had a good career but to me its not Hall of Fame worthy.

Do you think he is worthy of being in the Hall Of Fame? Feel free to comment below or follow me on twitter @DArm91