This week the Jets bus takes some pretty hefty trips. The Jets will face the Canadians and Panthers to close out the first month of this season. Then on Friday to open up February the Jets will head to Tampa Bay to play the Lightning, ot then returning home on February 5th to play the Florida Panthers once again.

This road stretch could decide a lot of things early on this season. The number one question is if the Jets can win some more game on the road than they did last year. If the Jets can come away with 2 wins on this trip I can see this team gaining momentum and their record would then be 5-2-1. The Jets are now 3-1-1.

The game tonight will be broadcasted on TSN 2. 

I also have another announcement. I have created a new Winnipeg Jets Facebook page for my writing on NHLFC. I will state posting article on their as soon as I get 100 likes. If you would like to like the page just type in "Winnipeg Jets Nation" on you tool bar.

Until then, Go Jets!