Ron Wilson must have been good this year or sold his soul to the Devil, two days after hinting at his desire for a new contract on Twitter, the Toronto Maple Leafs coach tweeted the team has given him an extension. "'He came! He came!' Remember saying that as a little kid? Well he did: I got a new Red Ryder BB gun and a contract extension!" Wilson tweeted Sunday morning.Leaving loyal Leaf fans scratched their heads and wondering why they recieved a lump of coal from Burke for Christmas.

Wilson tweeted Friday that his Christmas wish was for a new contract from Leafs general manager Brian Burke. "This Xmas could be better if Santa stuffs a certain piece of paper in my stocking. whatcouldthatbe," Wilson posted on his official Twitter account.The 56-year-old is in the final season of a four-year contract and currently has the Leafs sixth in the Eastern Conference with 40 points. Toronto has not made the playoffs in three prior seasons under Wilson, who is 119-120-42 overall with the Leafs. Wilson, has a 637-546-101-88 coaching record with Anaheim, Washington, San Jose and Toronto. He is 47-48 in the playoffs.

“It's easy to say ‘fire the coach’ when the team isn't winning, but when you haven't given the coaching staff good enough players, I don't think it's fair,” Burke said. Brian Burke thinks and speaks about fairness more than just about anyone I know but listening to someone go on about fairness is like sitting through a straight-faced speech on the sinking of Atlantis. The Leafs have finished 24th, 29th and 22nd in Wilson’s first three seasons.  They have been outscored 924-792 over his tenure. Wilson has won 119 games, lost 120 and suffered another 42 defeats in overtime or in the shootout.  Did the active leader in NHL coaching victories forget how to win when he cleared customs or is Wilson just too old and out of touch with the New NHL, thats my guess.

Heres a few of my reason on why Wilson is 1. Out of touch with the New NHL and 2. Did not deserve an extenstion, barring the Leafs clinching a playoff spot.

The choice of Philippe Dupuis over Joey Crabb or Darryl Boyce seems idiotic at best. The team’s terrible play while shorthanded lingers like some sort of permanent bad smell.  The Leafs sit last on the kill after finishing 30th last year, 28th the year before that and 30th in Wilson’s first season. You don’t need 20 great players for a solid penalty kill. You need eight competent ones and a good SYSTEM. Finally Komosarik playing over anyone else on the blue line and having the nerve to think Leaf fans are so stupid to think it because Komisarek is a good guy in the room. That is the dumbest reason Fans and I have ever heard in the history of comments.

The Leafs defensive shortcomings extend well past special teams. Let’s talk about right now.
The Leafs are 24th overall in goals against. Five on five, the Leafs are 17th with a poor 3.17 goals surrendered per game. Someone has to own that.

Brian Burke closed his eyes, looked at his team, and wondered what he would do if the guy behind the bench wasn’t Ron Wilson. Continuity, naturally enough, counted.  “It's important for the players to know that the coach isn't going anywhere,” Burke said. “When the coach goes into the cage he needs the chair and the whip, not just one." But here is the only question that matters. What if it was someone else coaching the Leafs on a one-year deal? Would Burke, based on what he has seen the last 12 months, have given that coach some extra term? Turns out the answer is yes, not wholly because, or maybe even partially because doing so would have been fair.

Instead, Burke extended Wilson because he thought the Leafs could win more games with Wilson than with someone else. This is possibly one of the worst moves Burke has made since he signed on as GM.