So what hurts more last year's collapse or this comeback attempt that just falls short?

It had to take something that topped how painful last year's loss was but this is pretty close to it. While I had the unfortunate distinction of working the night of the game(yeah I know it sucks) I can tell you while at work while trying to listen to the game on one of my radio apps checking the score out and with great disappointment and actually mostly anger when it got up to 4-1 and then 5-1 to end the period I actually shut it off and came close to throwing my phone away in fustration(thank god I didn't) and I'm sure people left the arena after the 2nd period or the moment in the 3rd when Russia went up 6-1

Ya 6-1 thats it right so ya leaving work with a bitter taste in my mouth and getting home to my complete disbelief here's what I hear when I get home from my stepdad

"HEY HEEYYYY COME HERE ITS 6-5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I go sit down as Canada had just scored to make it 6-5 with 5:49 to go I'm like "are you f%$!ing kidding me. 

I watch as Mark Stone with under 3 minutes to go hits the post and Brett Connolly hits the rebound into Makarov's pad and countless other shots that got tipped into Makarov as made big saves coming in after the 5th goal I actually thought they were going to tie it at near the end but I guess it just wasn't meant to be

This will be the first time we won't be involved in the gold medal game since 2001 thats 11 years and 10 straight times in the gold medal game the only streak left is having had a medal in every year since 1999 (5 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze) and getting up for a bronze medal game against Finland especially after the heartbreaking loss tonight is going to be hard because Finland will care about a bronze medal game.

While this one stings a lot right now I will say in time last year's loss stings even more than this because when you are up 3-0 at home(it was Buffalo but it was still pretty close to being home) and lose the game that way especialy since it was the gold medal game this one stings but because it wasn't for a medal I think thats why. Had it been for gold well that is a different story.

Whatever the result is wether Canada comes out with a bronze or nothing I and all Canadians should still be proud of these kids these are still 16-19 year olds that are still growing and learning and they have the expectations gold from about 30+ million Canadians.

As great as it is to expect them to win every year even we have to realize that won't happen and occasionally years like this were we don't end up playing in the gold medal game are bound to happen.

Just as long as we never end up 8th and losing to Kazakhstan like we did in 1998 and I can at least live with that.

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