This might get some Alexander Ovechkin fans a bit hot under the collar, but it has to be looked at. Should Ovechkin lose his 'Captaincy'?

   With his latest 3 game suspension for leaving his feet and hitting Pittsburgh defensemen Zbynek Michalek in the head, he's a repeat offender and everybody knows that he plays on the edge. In my opinion it was the right call from the NHL's Brendan Shannahan. Even though there was no call on the ice.

   Without a doubt Ovechkin is the Washington Capitals best player. But is he the best leader? I don't think he is. He's the most dynamic player the NHL has seen, with Pavel Bure speed, a one-timer Brett Hull shakes his head at and one of the quickest releases in the league. He received the Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie of the year) in 05-06 season with (106) points. In the 07-08 season Ovechkin ran away with the individual awards collecting the Art Ross (points leader), The Heart Memorial (Most valuable to his team), The Maurice"Rocket"Richard ( Leading goal scorer) and the Lester.B.Pearson ( NHL's MVP selected by the NHLPA). These are all outstanding accomplishments, but one trophy has eluded Ovechkin and the Capitals and that's the Stanley Cup. Winning the Presidents Trophy in 09-10 season only to be bounced in the first round. Just to be clear, it isn't the first time that has happened to an NHL team.

   You might think i'm a bit harsh in saying the Capitals should move in another direction with the Captaincy, but I feel very strongly about what being a captain is and stands for. Ovechkin's defensive play has been suspect, he doesn't see the ice when the Caps are killing penalties, he's been lazy on the back-check. When Bruce Boudreau benched Ovechkin, obviously he wasn't happy, so he showed his displeasure by calling him a "fat f*#k". Sorry folks but i lost a lot of respect for Ovechkin. You would never hear a true captain call his coach that. That showed me the lack of respect he has towards the coach, orginization and his fellow teammates. If you think about it, if the captain can do it why not the rest of the team. Boudreau ultimatly lost the room, probably at that time and was fired. The Captain needs to take control of the team, but that's a hard task when your suspended for 3 games. Sitting in 8th in the Eastern Conference (53) the next 3 games are very important, Bruins on the 24th, Lightning 31st, Panthers on Feb 1st. These are points the Capitals desperately need.

  Alexander Ovechkin is a joy to watch, possesses a lot of skill. But one skill i think he lacks is the skill to lead. Maybe the pressure is to much for the young Russian to win and he feels he needs to do it himself. This is just one guys thoughts.

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