If game 1 taught us anything about what to expect in the series, it was solid goaltending.  It looks as if Roberto Luongo has gotten over his early playoff, weak goals struggle and become the All-World goalie everyone knows and expects him to be.  His counter part, Tim Thomas, in my opinion, was better than Luongo in game 1. The team in front of him was not.  Sometimes, 1 goal changes an entire series.  It's hard to say if Torres goal with 18 seconds left will, but that was a game the Bruins needed after a performance like that.  It also taught us, you can't let up for a minute.  A quick look at the goal tells the story.  A late line change with around 25 seconds, some coasting Bruins possibly with overtime already on the mind, and an outstanding play by Kesler at the line leads to a 2 on 1.  Thomas was left hung out after a great performance. 

     What needs to change?  A weak Bruins power play.  Is it just me, or do more pucks hit Chara in front of the net than actually get through?  After game 1, i'd switch him to point where he can boom his shot and let the front fish for rebounds.  For the Canucks, stay out of the box.  Granted, I didn't agree with half the whistles.  Game 7 of Lightning Bruins, whistles were away.  I don't understand why early in series' , games are called tight.  Then as they go on, its let them play.  The rest of the Canucks game was on.  Without Thomas playing the role of Patrick Roy, it would've been over sooner. 

     I fully expect another hard nosed, physical, low scoring game. Enjoy it.