If you had a choice between Taylor Hall or Jordan Eberle, who would it be and why because that's the debate fans and insiders are in heat about. The Oilers and GM Steve Tambellini have been in talks with both players regarding the signing of both players to long term extensions.

Hall who has been offered more money compared to Eberle has insiders confused. Eberle who has 52 goals and 67 assists in 147 games while playing in the NHL is greatly higher than Hall's career record with 49 goals and 46 assists in 126 games. Hall has played 21 less games than Eberle due to injury.

Hall who was taken 1st overall in the 2010 NHL entry draft is looking to have a career season beside Eberle who was taken 22md overal in the 2008 NHL entry Draft after leading the Oilers in Points last Season.

Now it is up to Steve Tambellini to give the two players what they deserve before an NHL Lockout happens or if it does not.


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