You can use every cliche in the book for game 7.  "All the Marbles", "It all comes down to this" etc..., and, you'd be right.  Win or lose, there's no hockey tomorrow.  AND, I'm going to suggest that at the end of the game tonight, The Bruins will hoist Lord Stanleys Cup.  Here's why..

     The fact that this series is tied at 3 is an absolute miracle.  The Bruins have outscored the Canucks 19-8.  There's no question that Tim Thomas, win or lose, should win the Conn Smythe as he's been the best player on the ice.  It's not even close.  Yes, all games have been won by the home team, but the 3 in Vancouver were all 1 goal games with 2 being 1-0.  Yes, Roberto Luongo is an All-World goalie, but, he was anything but solid on the road and being pulled 10 minutes into game 6 after letting up 4 goals is not going to help his already fragile psyche.  Neither is a day of press using the word choker.  The Sedins have been as absent as possible.  While watching this series, I've said, "now thats how the Sedins play hockey" maybe 5 shifts total.  The Bruins have every reason to be hopeful.  They have Thomas playing as good as a goalie can.  They've has no problems putting pucks by Luongo.  They were in every game in Vancouver to the final whistle.  And yea, at no point in this series have they been winning it.  So, in a way, they've been playing must win hockey since the end of game 2. 

     When we played the game as kids, every game was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Tonight, 40 men will become kids again.  Even Mark Recchi.   -  Enjoy the game.

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