The NHL has a problem. More and more of their top stars are getting hit with concussions and the list continues to grow longer and longer each week.

First it was Sidney Crosby last year and now this year while he has had another set back after taking a hit from David Krecji a week and a half ago and who knows when he will be back. The Philadelphia Flyers have lost the NHL's leading scorer Claude Giroux to a concussion when he collided with teammate Wayne Simmonds and Chris Pronger is out with a concussion and announced he won't be back for the remainder of this season and the playoffs a huge blow to the Flyers.

Carolina has lost last year's calder trophy winner Jeff Skinner and defenseman Joni Pitkanen to concussion, and also recently the Ottawa Senators lost Milan Michalek to a concussion when he collided with teammate Erik Karlsson.

Players also out with concussions include Los Angeles Kings off-season addition Mike Richards, New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal(who's been out since February 22nd) Marc Savard, who probably won't be able to play again thanks mostly to the hit from Matt Cooke about a year and half ago.

Ryan Miller is just coming back from a concussion when Milan Lucic ran into him a month ago and James Reimer of the Toronto Maple Leafs is coming back from "concussion like symptoms" even though they never revealed it to be a concussion but concussion like symptoms to me is a concussion just saying.

St. Louis has also had their share of concussions to players Andy McDonald and David Perron both missed time last year due to concussions. McDonald came back to finish the season last year but a concussion on October 17th had him sidelined again and hasn't returned since. It's his 2nd concussion in 10 months and the 5th one of his career, while Perron just recently returned to the lineup on December 5th against the Chicago Blackhawks after missing the last 72 games of last season and the first 25 games of this season to a concussion. While he is back in the lineup the Blues are monitoring him closely so that one of their promising young players sidelined by any more concussions. Even Paul Kariya a former teammate had to sit out the entire 2010-11 season to a concussion and was forced to retire when symptoms didn't go away

Before while players Eric Lindros, Brett Lindros, Pat Lafontaine were among players that had their careers cut short or hampered by concussions it seems nowadays that concussions is more front and centre in the NHL as it seems almost every day someone or one of the NHL's top stars get hit with a concussion and in the case of Giroux and Michalek its a accidental hit from a teammate

Wether its blindside hit to the head, accident something needs to be done. Changing the equipment perhaps? Whatever it is the NHL must find a solution because it seems every day or every week someone is getting hit with a concussion and the more it occurs the more it will be continue to dominate the talk of radio/TV and in the media.

Its the kind of publicity the NHL doesn't need

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