The story never gets old. Fans jumping off and on the Luongo bandwagon. To those who missed it, after Luongo was pulled in game 4, Several Thousand fans at Rogers Arena in Vancouver started cheering and waving the white towels as though we just scored. As a passionate, die hard Canucks fan I watched in DISGUST as these bandwagon jumpers who probably never watch regular season hockey go and crucify one of the main reasons we are where we are. Had it not been for Luongo's great post to post save in OT of Game 7 vs the Hawks, we would have been out vs Chicago. Now these fans who have joined after maybe beating Nashville or San Jose are trying to sever ties with our goalie.

As for Luongo's play yes it has been shaky on the road. What I think would work best is Luongo in game 5 and regardless the outcome play Schnieder in 6. Vigneault needs to understand it is his team Luongo needs to be a team player and stop trying to put the weight of the team on his shoulders. The general concensus amongst the Vancouver Media and Actual team fans is to go with Luongo.

The last question Luongo faced after game 4 from the media was his opinion to the fans reaction of him being pulled.He not only looked heart broken he looked defeated. If this is what affects him and he comes out shaky in 5 those bandwagon jumpers and IGNORANT hockey fans at Rogers Arena are to blame. You do not cheer a moment like that. TRUE FANS STAND BEHIND THEIR BOYS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

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