As I write this article, the car and air horns blast behind me. Never mind the Olympics here in 2010, this is way more Magical. 40 Years we have waited for this moment. 1 more win and this city will erupt louder then you can imagine. Never mind the insane sights and sounds of Downtown Vancouver. That party is shared throughout this great province. Out here in the Burbs every car horn is blasting everyone is dancing in the streets including myself.

This is a magical time here. If there were a song to sum up the mood right now it would be "Here I am" from Bryan Adams. Whether you are dancing on 72nd and Scott Road in Surrey, or partying in Victoria WE ARE ALL CANUCKS.

On Monday night I will be doing a tweet-a-thon live from the upper deck at Rogers Arena with 15000 other fans. Follow me at @szenone13 to follow along as I will be sharing the atmosphere with each shot and hit. I will post lots of pics and will field any questions you may have.