"The NHL has No Intention of playing the 2012-13 season under the existing CBA".

                                                                                                        Gary Bettman

     That was the first shot across the bow. Not an idle threat, the owners want what they want, period. But the NHLPA isn't backing down either. So this is where they're at, nowhere. With talks staled, and nothing scheduled, the season is in jeopardy. If there is a season it will start late and compressed, unless a hockey miracle happens and they hammer out a deal by the deadline, September 17th. This hockey fan is not very optimistic, actually it's frustrating. Both sides know that the season hangs in the balance, all the while nothing is being done to move forward. I'm sure something will get done by the New Year, because the NHL doesn't need another lost season so close together. Hockey was just getting fans back, a new television deal was formed, a Stanley Cup Champion was crowned (no pun intended) in a market that hasn't done anything since the "The Great One" was there. That market needed fans, and got them with their 'Cup' run.

     I here a lot of people calling the players "spoiled little hockey players", and this comment really gets under my skin. First of all, why are they 'spoiled'? Because they ask for a wage that they think they're worth. Isn't every contract worker aloud to negotiate what their worth is? The owners can say 'NO'. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to play somewhere for the rest of your career. Anything can be negotiated into a contract, if the player wants a 10 year deal, i'm sure they can put in an out clause if that said players performance dissipates, I.E. Scott Gomez. (sorry Scott) The last CBA, the owners got their salary cap, it was put in place because the owners wanted it, basically to protect themselves from themselves. Fast-forward to present day, the owners and their respected GM's found loopholes in the CBA to sign players under the cap but give them more money. Shocking! Maybe they need to cap the cap.

    The major issue for this CBA is revenue sharing. Now i'm no mathematician, but if it's the players that puts butts in the seats, shouldn't they receive a bit more revenue. The owners want the players to take a pay cut, plus the lions share of revenue. The pay cut isn't just a couple hundred or thousand dollars either, it's a substantial cut. With ticket prices not going down, jersey sales are crazy pricey. The owners are making money even with the salaries for their players. Some teams aren't making money, but how can you hold the players accountable for that. Sorry but that's all on Gary Bettman and the NHL, bad hockey markets. The NHL wants to expand and grow but they are going the wrong way. South isn't the way to go, it's north. Here's a smart way to divide the revenue. If it's a 4 year CBA, the 1st year its a 50/50 split, 2nd year 55/45 for the players, 3rd year reverse it 45/55, 4th year back to 50/50. That way nobody looks greedy, sure one year to the next the revenue might be more, but it all works out in the end.