This year the Leafs inspired me to watch all their games and never miss one! This is what I think about the Toronto Maple Leafs - the Toronto Maple Leafs had an excellent year even though they didn’t make the playoffs and Reimer was outstanding.  But next year they will make the playoffs for sure, especially with Reimer’s help and all the great picks and players. I have a few of my own favorite players on the Leafs; they are Phaneuf, Grabovski, Kessel, Lupul, Schenn and many more.


This year I went to a few Marlies games!  I saw all the young and excellent players that are eventually going to be on the Leafs.  Some of the players I saw were:  Joe Colborne, Nazeen Kadri and Jake Gardneir. I hope that next year they can make the team and help the Leafs make the playoffs!   I just can’t wait for the season to start again. I will try not to miss any games and I hope Brian Burke can get some good players this year and that the Leafs have a great season! Good Luck and I will be watching.

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