Where will Cody Franson play next season may you ask, well one thing I can tell you is that it will not be with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Earlier this month, GM Brian Burke of the Leafs announced that defenseman Cody Franson has been placed on the trade Market. Franson announced earlier this week that he has intentions on being traded by the Leafs as the two sides of Franson and Burke could not make a deal happen and talks did not go well. Set to be a restricted free agent coming into free agency, fans all predicted that Franson would resign with the Leafs. Unfortunatley that is not the case and now he is set to be traded.

Many Teams have shown interest in the 25 year old defenseman from Sicamous British Columbia. A list of four have been projected in having interest in Franson and those teams are Minnesota, Philadelphia, Nashville and Colorado. Franson who was traded to the Leafs from Nashville last offseason is set to be traded again and projected to be traded in a 1 for 1 deal with the Leafs asking for a defenseman in return. If that is not the case expect Franson to be apart of a package deal for a number one center or a starting goaltender.

Although I may have said that Cody Franson will not be with the Leafs next season doesn't mean he won't. Knowing Burke and his surprising moves, Franson may be a Leaf come season start.

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