It is now July 28th. Just 28 days ago, the free agency period begun and one of the big unrestricted free-agents out there was Shane Doan. Well... He is now the only remaining big fish left unsigned.

Doan, 35, is still waiting to see if the ownership situation in Phoenix will be able to get resolved to keep the team in Arizona but he hasn't gotten an answer yet, reason being why he still hasn't signed anywhere. His preferred destination is to remain in Phoenix but with all the question marks around the team itself, he does not want to risk the chances of being relocated if prospective Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison can't find the approximate $20,000,000 extra he needs in order to buy the team.

According to Mike Sannucks of Phoenix Business Journal, Jamison is trying to court new investors and partners in order to help buy the Coyotes. It will cost Jamison a total of $170,000,000 in order to buy & keep the team in Phoenix.

Sannucks also confirmed that Doan met with Jamison yesterday. Details of the meeting, though, remain unknown for now.

It is believed that if Doan decides to negotiate elsewhere if a deal is not reached to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix very soon, that his asking price will be very high. High enough to scare a couple, if not, many teams away.

A source very familiar with Doan's negotiations with other teams told David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail that it is thought that it will take a 4-year, $30,000,000 offer to sign Doan if he opts to leave Phoenix. Doan's agent, Terry Bross, stated that their are no specific demands in order to sign Doan although they have offers from 6 teams.

Although Doan is a great leader on and off the ice along with being a great contributor offensively, he should not be asking anywhere near $7,500,000 per year for 4 years. Turning 36 in early October, Doan's best seasons are many years behind him.

This past season, he tallied 50 points, scoring 22 goals and adding 28 assists in 79 games in which he made $4,550,000 in the final year of a 5-year, $22,750,000 contract. Unless it's just me, that is nowhere near worth a $3,000,000 raise for the next 4 seasons, especially when you look at his -8 rating from last season.

With the CBA expiring September 15th and many questions circulating around the NHL salary cap and many other issues, some teams could very easily be scared away from offering Doan that amount of money for that many years.

The only teams that I, personally, could see willing to go that far and pay Doan that much money, are the Nashville Predators & Winnipeg Jets, who are both reportedly showing interest in his services.

Other interested teams such as the Red Wings, Penguins & Rangers, all have enough cap space available to sign Doan to the kind of contract he is reportedly looking for, but they might not be willing to go all in and give up that much for a 35+ contract.

It has been rumored that if Doan indeed decided to sign elsewhere, that he wants to remain in the Western Conference cause he wants his family to remain where they are.

Nonetheless, the team that comes out the winner and signs Doan, will be an improved team from the moment the team steps out on the ice in October. That is, if the CBA is figured out by then.


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