Teams that are in the market for a top-4 defenceman, teams like the Flyers and Red Wings, will begin to take a long look at the 29 year-old defenceman from St. Louis, Carlo Colaiacovo.

Colaiacovo is a 6'1 200 lbs. defender who is, arguably, coming of of the best season of his career. Though he isn't the biggest guy, he is a physical presence that teams value late in the season and playoffs. Colaiacovo registered 19 points in 64 games last season and was a plus 7 and he really became a much better defender last year playing under Ken Hitchcock. For teams like the Flyers and Red Wings, Colaiacovo can come in and be immediately inserted into the 1st or 2nd defensive pair, and make a difference. 

So, why hasn't Colaiacovo been signed? Colaiacovo has seen his value fall for a couple of reasons. The first is his durability. He has never played over 70 games in a season in his 9 year career. The other reason is that teams may not want to give Colaiacovo a big contract because, based on his history, teams can't be sure he can produce like he did last season.

My final verdict is that Colaiacovo can be a solid defender for all 30 teams in the league, but teams still have to wary because of his durability and his lack of consistency over the years. 


Cpoyright 2012