If you were to ask me, what is your opinion on the Minnesotta Wild 's offseason moves and in response I would say, Wild GM Cliff Fletcher pulled off the two greatest signings of the off season with Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. At the same time I would say, they're not done.

Fletcher has been quiet since the two big signings, but has been quietly shopping. Placing starting goaltender Niklas Backstrom on the trade market earlier this month with the Hopes of starting young backup goaltender Josh Harding. Harding resigned earlier this off season, getting paid the ammount a starter would be paid. Because of this Backstrom is set to be traded.

There are a few holes to be filled in by the Wild including a top two defenseman and depth scoring. With the signing of star defenseman Ryan Suter the Wild are looking to finding Suter a suitable defense partner. Because both Wild goltenders are getting payed starting money, Backstrom is to be traded to clear cap. Although Parise was added up front Fletcher is looking to add depth scoring up front, possibly in the Backstrom trade.


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