With the upcoming Winter Classic in Philadelphia between the Flyers and the Rangers, one has to wonder if NBC and the NHL are gonna run out of places to hold the yearly event. The weather hasn't been all that friendly either, this year or last. And lets face it they're running out of places to play the game that's cold enough. If they keep going back to the same old stomping grounds, they will without a doubt loose viewers. Since its inception in 2008 the Penguins have played in two of them. That of coarse is because of Sidney Crosby, which is all well and good since he's the best player in the world. Canadian hockey fans will watch regardless of where the game is held, but i think most American fans are not so interested if it's not their team. If NBC wants to keep ratings up during this game, they'll eventually need to add a Canadian destination or have a Canadian team play in the Classic. Because it's NBC I really don't think they'll add a Classic in Canada. Slim chance there would be a team from Canada, unless it's an original 6 team. What's so funny about this whole thing is that, there is 9 teams out of 23 US market teams that will never be able to hold a Winter Classic because of the weather. That leaves 14 teams left, maybe a hand full of them are a desirable destination to hold the Classic. What would be a smart thing to do? I think they need to get those 9 teams in the Classic. It's a nationally televised game, the NHL needs to get those smaller market teams out there. The NHL is a business and everyone knows that, but for a business to grow you must think outside the box, or the rink.